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Bondi, Sydney


BWS are something of an institution in Australia - the place to get all your drinks in the most convenient way. The brand needed an evolution to bring the stores up to date with Gen Z shoppers - with a somewhat more universal appeal. Bringing their immense breadth and depth of range, cheeky tone of voice and friendly team to life was pivotal to the success of the new format.

Twelve helped to frame the customer experience through calling out key missions, as well as creating a sense of fun and magnetism in the new concept. The scheme is intended as a launchpad for changeable marketing and a platform for new releases – bringing a fresh ‘drop’ on a regular rotation. The fixtures and communications are intentionally flexible to support a perpetual rotation of product stories.

Interior Design / Brand Communications







The macro navigation was kept simple and to the point - reflecting the no-fuss brand - while scrabble style lettering provided a playful take on varietal/product categories. Trend edits, newness and local heroes were elevated through dedicated perimeter punctuation furniture.

Mock up 1Mock up 1




A key part of the brief was to ensure we delivered a clear value message through the design language and experience – appearances are everything in a market that is sensitive to price perceptions. The team and locality were also a central focus of the concept development – providing localised range editing, personalised team attire and tailored community messaging at service points.