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Dan Murphy's
Hawthorn East


As the largest and oldest liquor retailer in Australia, Dan Murphy’s is a true institution. An unparalleled range of wine, champagne, craft ale and spirits have been sold by Dan’s since 1952. As such, we feel very privileged to have worked with their team to deliver this new 10,000 sqft concept store, which has just opened in Hawthorn East, Victoria.

We were invited to transform and modernise the retail experience whilst retaining the core brand equity and heritage. Working alongside the Dan’s team this involved a full range review, replanning of the store layout, designing new fixtures, lighting, signage and category-specific features.

Each category was given it’s own relevant personality, defined by materials and comms – and all categories were tied together by a central ‘value spine’ to help draw customers through the space.

Interior Design / Brand Communications



New fixtures, furniture and displays create focal points around the store, adding pace and celebrating the depth of Dan’s unique offers.




Simplifying and modernising the communications palette further helped customers navigate the store more efficiently, with the print techniques used adding appropriate character and authenticity.