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Dan Murphy's
The Cellar


We are very proud to unveil the latest concept to launch under the Dan Murphy’s brand.

Targeting a more premium audience, The Cellar elevates the brand to provide a tiered offer in store. On entering, customers are presented with a curated selection of the latest, new and trending products.

Moving through the space, the central area facilitates browsing and discovery, and at the rear of the store is a more exclusive collection for the more discerning and experienced consumer.

Interior Design / Brand Communications

DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_173DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_173
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_133DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_133
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_125DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_125



Flexible areas have been created to provide regular opportunities for customers to sample new and trending products, gaining valuable information from expert wine merchants who are always on hand to help.

DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_131DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_131
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_112_V2DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_112_V2


The in-store communications are understated, allowing product presentation to lead. Simple typography and a restrained colour palette provide a timeless aesthetic, with brand character introduced through layout and texture.

DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_076_ADAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_076_A
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_146DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_146
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_140DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_140
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_105DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_105
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_095_V2DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_095_V2


Store navigation has been reduced and refined to provide subtle navigation cues and occasional brand moments. Balance has been carefully considered to ensure the focus remains on the environment and the products.

DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_071DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_071
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_031_EDITDAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_031_EDIT
DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_037DAN31936-Lane Cove Cellar_037