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Double bay

Double Bay is the latest store concept from Australia’s most trusted brand. Tailored specifically to the premium customer, and with a focus on quality and freshness, this store presents a number of new and exciting offers and initiatives.

In-store communications





An evolution of our original 3.0 Marrickville concept, Double Bay retains many of the original features synonymous with the brand, made more distinct by a number of amplified offers and brought to life through a mixture of signage, communications and equipment.




The Florist at the front of the store underpins Woolworths commitment to fresh, creating a visually impactful statement on entry. The backdrop to this is their signature abundant world of fresh fruit and veg, with a defined Macro Organic zone and elevated ‘moments of disruption’, signposted by distinct illustration-led communication.





Fresh counters retain amplified category proof-points as a backdrop, with an updated signage system for hanging gantry communication. 





Sushi features illuminated signage to elevate the hand-rolled offer, and there are new offers within Butcher and Fish Market, including new displays for dry-aged meats and Live Mussels. The new focal category within this space is the Cheese Corner, supported by bespoke signage, furniture and digital. 






Moving through to the grocery offers, there are a number of elevated categories including Health Foods, Health & Wellness, Household, Coffee and Pet. The addition of sensory elements help elevate these offers in store – from digital signage through to scent and sound diffusers.






The overall store experience creates a noticeable step-change for the brand, defining a new approach to store design by tailoring offers and services to a specific demographic. This approach will continue to develop and iterate over the coming years.

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