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2023 Dan Murphy's - Australia

Raise a glass to brand storytelling

A celebration of wine and beer drinking in a place that personifies discovery and value. As we delivered multiple nuanced stores, we never wanted to lose homage to Dan Murphy’s original store on Chapel Street. With Dan’s nostalgic story at the heart of the space, we gave it the freedom to be dynamic and cater to ever-changing needs, from masterclass evenings to showcases, inviting customers to connect with the products. 

From the tiered ‘Cellar’ to the ‘Zero’ pop-up and, most recently, super-premium high-ticket bottle tastings from rare vintages, there’s something for everyone in this rich design concept.

In a nutshell:

  • Elite design with affordable, sustainable materials, and creativity flexibility to cater to mainstream and premium audiences.

  • The success of this project paved the way for our work with BWS in Sydney.

Process 5
Sketch build discovery
2019 HMS Host - UK, Europe & Scandinavia

Spaces that let your imagination take flight

We’re proud of our distinct, memorable bar and restaurant spaces within airports across the world, including The Artisan in Belfast City Airport, reflective of Northern Ireland’s rich cultural heritage in literature and art with a five-meter immersive mural; Nordic Kitchen in Skavsta Airport, the centrepiece of the site with a 9,000 sp ft bar and 300 covers all aesthetically styled reminiscent of Scandinavian heritage; and a traditional open kitchen British pub in Manchester’s Terminal 3 airport with a ‘Pork and Pickle’ deli providing extending takeaway food service.

All airport venues aimed to provide travellers with a relaxing experience whilst showcasing cultural design elements in a setting of operational efficiency.

In a nutshell:

  • Design was subtly engineered to support the time pressure of the airport without affecting the atmosphere.

  • Regionally resonant design that combines a celebration of the host city with the excitement of travel.

  • Sensitive design approaches for multiple audiences at once, accessible, approachable, and inclusive.

Host web 6
Host Thumbnail
5041 067
2016 Grill My Cheese - Leather Lane, London

A big impact for a small business

As storytellers, we couldn’t resist a project with a backstory like this one. A city duo sick of their 9-5’s quit to pursue the dream of creating the best grilled cheese sandwich. No doubt they achieved that goal, but their existing branding hindered them from elevating and breaking into street markets.

Twelve was tasked with producing a new identity that encapsulated the entrepreneurs' passion for their product. In close collaboration, the new brand mirrored their superior product, vibrant personalities, and commitment to quality. 

In a nutshell:

  • An engaging experience applied to numerous touchpoints, including website, stall designs, and marketing assets.

  • Our commitment is unwavering, from tiny independent businesses to large, multi-branch companies.

  • Creating a tangible identity from a seed of inspiration. No project is too small for a big idea.

IMG 9975
IMG 9772
2023 BWS - Sydney, Australia

A bottle shop with attitude

With an immense product range and a matching reputation in Australia for drinks convenience, BWS set us on a quest to find a resonance with Gen Z shoppers. We needed to bring their stores up to date and find a way to appeal to more universal audiences.

Central to our approach was an amalgamation of BWS’s existing USPs: it’s huge product range, cheeky tone of voice, and magnetic team spirit. We translated this into a playful customer experience with a reinvigorated design language that fostered clear value messaging in a price-sensitive market supported by team spotlighting and localised range editing.

In a nutshell:

  • A dynamic and unusual tone of voice and attitude captured through diverse touchpoints.

  • Managing disparate audience desires and interests, attaining new audiences without losing existing demographics.

  • An example of how a tight budget can be optimised for volume and value.

Mock up 3
2018 Woolworths/Metro ‘The Kitchen’ - Sydney, Australia

Enriching daily life for local customers

Situated in Double Bay, The Kitchen is a Woolworths concept store, emerging as a hub that combines sustainability, wellness, organic produce, and specialist incubator ranges from local suppliers. We aimed for a local hub that enriches daily routines from 100% organic coffee to an evening meal and everything in between.

This design included an inviting shopfront blending a vivid floral display with a coffee bar spilling into the street. The space is framed by a long-counter kitchen and kombucha bar.

In a nutshell:

  • Crafting a premium communications framework while keeping sight of essential macro brand messaging and feel.

  • Integrating unique, small, local offerings for an affluent local audience.

  • A foundational commitment to sustainability and wellness targeted at foodies and premium quality seekers.

The kitchen 01
The Kitchen Flat graphics 04 03 06
Kitchen GIF
2014 SSP & Center Parcs - UK

Dining with a difference

Center Parcs approached us to design a new gastro-pub for its new Woburn Park holiday village. The space we created catered to the restaurant’s differing needs by incorporating a series of areas that flowed into one another: an informal bar with substantial timber tables near an open kitchen with family booths and a slower-paced, more luxe vibe at the rear and outdoor terrace.

Our graceful design showcases different food service styles and answers the changing needs of Center Parcs’ visitors with elegance. 

In a nutshell:

  • End-to-end project implementation: proposition, logo and identity, environment design, and execution.

  • Just one of our several projects working with Center Parcs.

  • Exemplifying how design can stretch across many needs in style.

Shearing House
Center Parcs Woburn 4
Screenshot 2023 07 07 at 16 36 16
2015 Walsingham Farm Shop - Norfolk, UK

Brand consistency at every touchpoint

Locally sourced and homemade produce are the USPs of 10+-year-old Walsingham Farm Shop. We worked together to rejuvenate the shop’s current identity and create a platform for an exciting relaunch on a national scale. At the heart of this richly storied brand was a tale of honesty and integrity. 

We reworked Walsingham Farm Shop’s existing brand symbol and gave it a new lease of life which was then deployed in-store, as well as throughout packaging, uniforms, livery, and online communications.

In a nutshell:

  • Brand development, including colour palette, tone of voice, illustration and photography.

  • A breadth of outputs spanning both print and digital.

  • Evolution of a precious existing brand symbol.

8404 Final illustrations 01
8404 Final illustrations 06
2022 Dobbies Garden Centres Foodhall - UK

A piece of cake for Twelve

The ambition for Dobbies was to entice customers to the Foodhall in its own right, independent of the offering of the garden centre as a whole. Crafting a stand-alone identity for Dobbies Foodhall, we aimed to separate it from being a ‘category’ in the venue and create a distinct destination through a well-defined sense of place.

We integrated new and existing brand assets, sitting regional suppliers alongside a range from a new Waitrose partnership. The new positioning of Dobbies’ own Bakery to Go saw a 55% uplift in sales thanks to strategic changes.

In a nutshell:

  • A 55% increase in sales in the first two weeks of trading demonstrated success.

  • A new design merged with an existing framework to deliver a cost-efficient step-change in the customer journey.

  • The success of the project led to a nationwide rollout.

Dobbies foodhall
Twelve website dobbies bags
Graphics GIF
2023 SSP Point - Worldwide

Future formats for the masses

In anticipation of SSP Point’s global expansion to travel points internationally, Twelve drummed up a creative retail concept centred on becoming the apex of the customer journey in transient spaces like airports and travel hubs. A bold and contemporary style using travel-themed graphic language and visual metaphors is the backdrop for a coherent environment of speed and ease with streamlined checkouts, clear visual hierarchy, and localised flair, adding a sense of individuation to each space.

Our internationally poised solution brings convenience, swiftness, and local authenticity to any space, having been intentionally designed to adapt and roll out with ease, ideal for its imminent launch.

In a nutshell:

  • An intelligently blended and bold new retail concept: unique design backed by results-driven functionality.

  • A travel-inspired brand experience lends itself to contemporary retail design.

  • Primed for global rollout and ready for application to a variety of spaces.

SSP Point
Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 10 23 38
10216 SSP Fascia Colour P569
Screenshot 2023 09 25 at 17 04 28

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