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2021 Metro - Sydney, Australia

Taking the stress out of ‘dinner for tonight’

Curry bars, sushi, a pizza oven, and an ‘entertaining zone’ with deli platters were just some solutions we used to intertwine shopping missions and meal occasions in convenience store Metro’s retail environment. Unity is at the core of this project, where design juxtaposed an intuitive layout with vibrant style and digital integration. The result? A seamless and dynamically delightful experience at every customer touchpoint.

Based on its collaborative feel, the space even features an artisan baker run by The Bread and Butter Project, which invests 100% of profits into training refugees in baking skills.

In a nutshell:

  • Leading with solutions (i.e. ‘dinner for tonight’) with an easy and enjoyable customer journey through digital integration, tone of voice, wayfinding, signage and interior design.

  • Accentuate community atmosphere with diverse solutions, local suppliers, and social involvement.

  • Innovation in convenience with sustainable initiatives across myriad touchpoints.

2011 Albert Heijn - The Netherlands

A six-month revamp to best-in-class

We aimed to fulfil the ‘best in class’ ambition held by Albert Heijn for its new XL retail environment, establishing clear hierarchies and hero categories. Stripping back to basics, we reimagined the customer journey to create a dynamic pace, focal points, and character that facilitated wayfinding through the environment.

This project demanded a strict management schedule involving a complete store overhaul on a stringent budget and express deadlines. We adhered to an expressly rapid programme to produce the transformation in just six months.

In a nutshell:

  • A swift six-month project turnaround was realised through faultless project management.

  • Further than signage, environment, and lighting solutions by Twelve inform the ongoing look and feel of Albert Heijn today.

  • Commercial success and improved customer feedback underline the success of the project.

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2022 DekaMarkt - The Netherlands

A fresh re-telling of DekaMarkt’s story

Thanks to our 15-year relationship with DekaMarkt, we know they’re humble farmers by trade with a deep love for locally grown products that help their communities thrive. It’s the story hundreds of supermarket chains wish they had, and it’s this we celebrated in their project, breathing life into their origins with storytelling that permeates their store environments.

Concept implementations from ‘World of Food’ in Marlo to ‘Deka Fresh’ in Haarlem, have translated DekaMarkt’s story into a customer experience, most recently being rolled out across the whole estate via the new 2.0 scheme.

In a nutshell:

  • A long-term relationship based on trust and a deep understanding of the brand.

  • Spearheading a unique design proposition with storytelling at its heart.

  • Executing consistent, holistic support through communications strategy, design, and physical implementation.

Deka image 1
2019 REWE Express/Lekkerland - Germany

Fuel for thought in design cooperation

‘Food for now’, ‘food for later’, and ‘emergency top up’ were customer missions at the centre of a fuel forecourt design that intertwined convenience and food on the move. Strategic illuminated signage facilitates wayfinding for customers to either directly pay for fuel, shop for snacks, fresh food, alcohol, and soft drinks, choose a takeaway, or sit in and eat in a contemporary and fresh setting.

We worked symbiotically with supermarket giant REWE to harness high product density and operational requirements at a micro-level to facilitate absolute efficiency and seize every opportunity to bring the project together perfectly, even down to the tiny details.

In a nutshell:

  • Using design as the cohesive central element that fosters corporate partnerships and brings multifaceted retail propositions to life.

  • Establishing trust and building relationships that make working across borders easy.

  • Deep diving into customer journeys to find the best solutions for speed and convenience.

Rewe materials palette 04
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2023 Sainsbury’s - Selly Oak & Hempstead Valley, UK

Excited for what’s in store

Faced with such a wide range of products in Sainsbury’s, trust is underpinned by the retail experience and customer journey. Working alongside Sainsbury’s, we not only support this trust but create it through consistent, simple, and instinctive concepts. And while we hone commercial viability, sustainability, and a welcoming feel, we’re always pushing the boundaries of the creative frontier to inspire innovation.

It’s thanks to this approach that our long-term partnership with Sainsbury’s looks ahead to an exciting overhaul vision for the future role of its stores. We can’t wait to see it come to life.

In a nutshell:

  • Over 30 years of partnership across all formats, including ‘grab and go’ format, just-walk-out stores, bakery, fruit & veg, beauty, GM and clothing pilots, and fuel stations.

  • Pioneering as Sainsbury’s lead concept agency, creating recognisable environments across the UK.

  • Embracing oncoming store overhauls, brand development, and sustainable initiatives.

SB Ys Food v2
Screenshot 2023 06 27 at 11 10 1
Screenshot 2023 06 27 at 11 09
Rewe layout3 6
Rectangle 97
2021 Mowneh - Qatar

A supermarket giant, tastefully taken East

Sainsbury’s partner Mowneh needed a robust experience curated to distinguish its new brand as a premium foodhall experience. The goal? Deliver Sainsbury’s offerings in a bespoke environment that exudes luxury. We achieved this by seizing opportunities in the architecturally opulent surroundings, breathing life into the space with high-quality materials and intelligent design elements that celebrated the partnership.

An indulgent customer experience was developed through store ambience, resonating with the location through Middle-Eastern design nuances. The result was a partnership that broadened Sainsbury’s outreach whilst lifting up local brand Mowneh.

In a nutshell:

  • Fostering cohesion between design elements, seizing opportunities and responding proactively.

  • A sensitive and tasteful partnership that resonates culturally with all demographics.

  • A symbiotic brand partnership balanced through good design.

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2016-2023 Woolworths - Australia

Defining success through partnerships and collaboration

An out-of-the-blue call in 2016 for a full store refresh has since snowballed into a multi-site project and a Twelve-led journey to reach a ‘fresh food market’ ambition, now on iteration 3.5 for retail giant Woolworths. We won Woolworths trust with whole store strategies for all their business ventures from supermarkets to convenience (Metro) through category interventions and partner brands.

This is a true testament to how a focus on building relationships and thinking collaboratively can return in abundance for all involved. Our partnership led to a stream of projects that, through joint ambition, propelled Woolworths not only to progress but to elevate along its brand journey in order to set a distinct market-leading standard.

In a nutshell:

  • 1,000 new concept stores and counting whilst maintaining an equivalent of £400 a store.

  • Orchestrated over 50 projects cohesively, managing communications and environmental designs on a large scale.

  • Innovative ideas, conceptually challenging projects, and diversity in formats, sites, categories, and departments thanks to trusted partnership.

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