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2022 Big W - Australia

Innovation in navigation through Sydney’s iconic Town Hall

Ensuring easy navigation, value perception, and the representation of Big W’s vivid brand were central to this project, which saw a wider store design review and future ambition for the merchandiser. With site-specific challenges abounding, we had to bring in our experience integrating logical navigation with enjoyable and exciting shopping journeys.

A development in the project saw Big W offered a floor in Sydney’s iconic Town Hall Building, and we were tasked with providing a strategy that guided customers through complex journeys over several floors and communicating new tailored product offerings geared towards the specific Town Hall demographic.

In a nutshell:

  • Harnessing the complex challenge of multi-faceted communications in unreliable environments.

  • Part of the bigger picture of ongoing store development.

  • Digging deep into intuitive customer journeys and different demographics.

Bi G W Layout16
Bi G W Layout15
Service Dots
2023 Little Dobbies - Cheltenham, UK

Building a green-fingered world from the ground up

For our second project with Dobbies, we were tasked with crafting a dual-level gardening hub on Cheltenham Promenade that fulfilled five key shopping missions. We sought a combination of digital platforms and ‘Style Stories’ for showcasing trends and collections whilst staying loyal to the ‘Homegrown Happiness’ central to Dobbies’ core identity.

Across the listed two-storey building, customers can explore the extensive range, book sit-down consultations with the local, knowledgeable team, and take part in workshops.  

In a nutshell:

  • Consistency with renewed energy: reusing existing store design elements along a small format and budget in a 6th urban store.

  • Holistic design approach encompassing communications, strategy, environmental design, and fixture design.

20230426 Little Dobbies Cheltenham ground floor interior 007 low res
Screenshot 2023 07 10 at 17 33 58
Little Dobbies
2009 Estella - Cologne, Germany

Into the heart of the kitchen

Inspired by the simplicity and quality of Mediterranean cuisine, Estella is a brand-new, unique retail chain that captures the joy of cooking, great food, and togetherness. A delightful convergence between kitchenware store, food retailer, and cooking experience, we created a memorable experience for anyone who walks through the door.

How did we do that? By making an environment that brews excitement about cuisine from all angles. The result featured a cookbook library, curated product ranges, and a central working kitchen operated by the in-house chef where customers can enjoy demos, tastings, and product showcases, all framed by a digital sky that changes to mirror the passing day.

In a nutshell:

  • The project won the Retail Award 2010 for Best International Interior.

  • Dynamic environment design encompassing diverse, engaging elements for a holistic customer experience.

Estella 1
2018 Argos/Habitat, Sainsbury’s - UK

The spark in the everyday shopping experience

Managing ‘projects within projects’ is a key part of our ongoing relationship with Sainsbury’s, and this was one such project for Argos and Habitat under the Sainsbury’s umbrella. We implemented strategic and creative use of fixture landscaping, wayfinding, communications, and lighting to create distinct memorable experiences that naturally integrated services under the ‘Sainsbury’s’ personality.

What was the impact of this? Through the integration of disparate services using intuitive design, we open up a spectrum of convenient offerings. The results interplay and create memorable experiences of efficiency, exploration, and fun.

In a nutshell:

  • Managing large-scale consistency, rolling out our integrated solution nationwide.

  • Notable sales uplifts in trial locations indicate effective design implementation and bode well for a nationwide rollout.

  • An intrinsic step on a journey to multi-offer integration as Sainsbury’s moves further towards enhanced convenience in-store.

2020-2023 Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing - UK

A high-street shopping experience in a supermarket

We ran with Sainsbury’s vision of recreating the feeling of a high-street clothing shop in a supermarket setting for the clothing brand Tu. Carefully, we crafted a more personal and intimate browsing experience with subtle layout adjustments, landscaping, lighting, and materials. We backed our design choices with a mid-floor fitting room and personalised styling services, landing some exclusive labels in the clothing shop along the way.

At the end of our project, Tu was a central brand upheld amidst an offering of smaller, complementary labels in activewear, partywear, plus sizes, and more, creating an effect of positive synergy in the space.

In a nutshell:

  • Mirroring the high street experience in a concept that manages high volumes of stock as the UK’s sixth largest clothing retailer.

  • Hitting the ground running with 12 stores in the trial phase across Tu brand and 3rd parties and a partnership with Railston’s shopfitting.

  • Supporting Sainsbury’s net zero targets with upgraded materiality and component-based fixtures.

SBYS Clothing
Hempstead Valley Re Opening 73
Finery high res
2016 Knauber - Bonn, Germany

Shopping mission: following our intuition

Twelve embarked on a journey of rejuvenation for DIY chain Knauber’s flagship store, aiming for a new, well-guided shopping experience with intuitive, informational, and efficient design elements.

Our design concept embraced a well-structured layout with large and impactful wayfinding, category hero displays, and product information, all punctuated with colourful point-of-sale materials. Everything was held together under a consistent application of brand character.

In a nutshell:

  • A comprehensive flagship store revamp and brief answered without over-complication.

  • Skilful wayfinding and category beacons, appealing to customer journey cues.

  • Standout hero product displays that seize opportunities naturally throughout the space.

11 11
12 11
2012 Kitchen Plus - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia’s pioneering kitchen showroom

Kitchen Plus called upon twelve to work on a ground-breaking project, and, operating closely with the client’s team, we defined a proposition for Malaysia’s first-ever kitchen showroom and superstore. Our delivery included a name, identity, environment, and all communications as a holistic project that set Kitchen Plus on an industry-defining trajectory.

The 12,000 sqft store is divided into a working kitchen showroom and a fixture, fitting, and accessory offer. We approached this project from the customer's perspective on planning a new kitchen, using a pared-back approach, a straightforward material palette, and a simplified design that allows the products to do the talking.

In a nutshell:

  • A project completed from afar, working remotely to pull off a 12,000 sqft design.

  • End-to-end strategy, design, and implementation. 

  • A ground-breaking and industry-pioneering development in Malaysia.

Kitchen plus1 1 2
Kitchen Plus
2014-2018 Travis Perkins - various locations

Expanding our design toolkit

In 2014, we embarked on a multifaceted journey with Travis Perkins and what would become an ongoing diverse mix of projects, from delivering in-house showrooms and launch events to own-brand packaging and print material. 

Our ongoing relationship with Travis Perkins can be attributed to a meticulous understanding of the brand’s identity, personality, and ethos as a builder’s merchant and the audience that resonates with. We were determined to build upon the perceptions of the brand whilst delicately balancing this with innovative brand enhancement.

In a nutshell:

  • Engaging the team (the primary audience) for valuable market research and feedback.

  • Working to tight budgets without cutting on quality.

  • Diversity in outputs across event branding, environments, and print.

2020 UK Flooring Direct - UK

A physical portal for an online industry kingpin

As a well-established online business, UK Flooring Direct needed a retail presence that would act as a physical portal for the brand and represent the first in a series of geographical hubs, appealing to two audiences simultaneously, combining consultation areas, showing off current and future products, and offer a trade counter.

We approached this multi-purpose dynamic space through the filter of modern synthesis. Practical design, technological integration, immersive exploration of products, and dedicated customer spaces were brought together with styling that ensured the brand’s ‘discount box shifting image’ was not lost.

In a nutshell:

  • Strategic expansion into tangible retail spaces, retaining the brand’s credibility and image.

  • A modular, multipurpose space that effortlessly appeals to trade and retail customers and serves myriad needs.

  • A comprehensive store design and communications package that bodes well for further geolocation development.

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