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2016 John Bell & Croyden - Wigmore St, London

London’s first health and wellness emporium

Coming from a rich history having opened in 1789 and being granted a Royal Warrant in 1909, John Bell & Croyden is a well-respected pharmacy that demands an environment to match. Our aim was to bring the establishment into the modern age whilst preserving its heritage and architecture. Our reimagining transformed John Bell & Croyden into a genuine health destination. 

Character was injected into the space with signage demonstrating the quintessential British wit without losing the brand’s position as a trusted expert on all things healthcare. Convenient, intuitive journeys and discreet consultation spaces exude an atmosphere of welcome and comfort.

In a nutshell:

  • Our new design won the prestigious ‘Realys New Store of the Year Award’ at the 2017 Retail Week Awards.

  • A 35% increase in sales underpinned the success of our project.

  • Audience connection was repaired and redefined through heritage brand modernisation.

Jbc gif
Jbc around the world
2018 Sainsbury's - UK

A beauty department that doubled sales

With a core goal to offer space for exploration whilst maintaining an underlying recognition of the Sainsbury’s brand, our approach to the beauty department refresh was one of adaptability, flexibility, and attention to detail. Strategic elements of lighting, edit spaces, and modular fixtures made a dynamic space that invites customers in on their weekly shop via a browsable flow.

On-brand highlights, soft textures, and a calming atmosphere aligned the space with high street beauty halls, with an added premium feel and overarching curation with the Sainsbury’s label.

In a nutshell:

  • A strategic beauty retail experience rolled out to over 400 stores.

  • Sales doubled following the refresh, demonstrating the success of this project.

  • Repurposing partial components of existing fixtures in stores allowed for budget optimisation.

SBYS beauty
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2019 Etos - The Netherlands

Good design doesn’t have to be complicated

Health and beauty household name Etos opened doors on a brand new design concept on its centenary and one that completely transformed its look and feel, catapulting it into the modern age of wellbeing, backed by its expertise and authority in the sector. We devised the new space based on a think tank of people in one room: combining client-side stakeholders, Twelve experts, and a local Dutch agency.

Our collaborative capabilities meant that in just two days, our vision had set the wheels in motion for a new aesthetic that proved so influential it led to three more projects with affiliated brands.

In a nutshell:

  • A new look for Holland’s largest and oldest health and beauty retailer rolled out to over 500 stores.

  • Excellent communication gave way to a trusted design strategy and vision in just two days.

  • A good design strategy that proves the merit in simplicity, straightforwardness, and trusting your insights and intuition.

Etos Photos
Etos materials swatches
2019 No7 at Boots - Covent Garden > UK-wide > Thailand & US

Iconic beauty complemented by design

Art Deco classic aesthetics and customer-centric thinking were behind our transformative reimagining of Boot’s No7 environment, with two central islands that intuitively ground customers and guide them through the range of products. ‘Touch and learn’ stations and adjustable light levels create an immersive and bespoke feel to the space, and fixtures were developed in partnership with Wilson Brown.

The success of honing No7’s essence in its new environment led to application across three markets in the US, Thailand, and the UK, for all of which Twelve developed comprehensive visual guidelines. 

In a nutshell:

  • Consistent, clear, and accessible guidelines for divergent markets under our brand guardianship.

  • The flow of customer journeys and exploration formed the foundations of the design.

  • Brand identity and personality were upheld right down to the most understated details in the space.

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Products and Science No7 Logo 400x300px
2023 Lloyds Pharmacy - UK & Europe

A healthy dose of design logic

Over nearly ten years of partnership with Lloyds Pharmacy and its European pharmacy network, we’ve been responsible for a host of strategic interventions that position the business at the forefront of health and beauty. Most recently, we’ve assisted them in securing pilot trials for their skincare and vitamin ranges that resulted in a 30% performance increase. 

How can environment design make such waves for a brand like Lloyds? We stay true to the essence of the business and deliver cutting-edge adaptations to their in-store offering, whether that’s visually compelling merchandising techniques or the consistent messaging that inspires its customers towards more healthy living.

In a nutshell:

  • Long-term partners across seven countries, including Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy and the UK.

  • Success that lies in a deep understanding of operational needs and customer missions.

  • A partnership with ITAB allowed for adept prototyping and technical detailing on-site installations.

L Loyds
Lloyds wellness 2
Lloyds wellness
2019 Priceline - Australia

Design as the lynchpin between polarised services

The marriage between an inspirational, discoverable beauty environment and a trustworthy, reassuring pharmaceutical voice was central to the essence of Priceline’s store evolution, intended to fit store formats both with and without a pharmacy. We built a novel strategy, the ‘Health Guru’, acting as the anchor between the two distinct missions: health and beauty.

Our design approach was carried through the filter of the ‘sisters’, the target audience from beauty hunters to silver scripters for whom we developed a tone of voice, visual language, and zonal planning.

In a nutshell:

  • A solution for Australia’s leading beauty and health destination with over 400 outlets.

  • The success of putting the customer at the centre of the design strategy.

  • Clarifying shopping missions with design to unite disparate services.

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Screenshot 2023 09 29 at 11 42 23
2021 Woolworths Health & Wellness - Sydney, Australia

Holistic by design: wellbeing for all the senses

Our food store concept for Woolworths was thriving. To build on its success, we created a ‘destination health and wellness offer’ representative of the brand’s commitment and passion for healthy eating and living. This took shape as a unique yet integrated department dedicated to vitamins, supplements and healthcare products.

We opted for an immersive experience, crafting a space and atmosphere that spoke to the senses with interactive screens, sound showers, seasonal spaces, and, at its core, a living tree symbolising vitality, wellbeing, and nature.

In a nutshell:

  • A holistic project incorporating layout, equipment, communications, and digital elements.

  • A step-change project, bringing authentic character and distinction with added value to a supermarket.

  • Delivering a comprehensive solution with multi-sensory design and digital integration to enhance credibility.

Double bay layout17
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OPT 1 V2
2010-2014 L'Oreal - UK

Enriching brand image in print

A regular client of ours over the years, cosmetics and beauty company L’Oreal has worked with us on a number of B2B projects. Throughout this time, we’ve developed a wide range of marketing collateral and print-based campaigns to broaden their network of partners. 

Focusing on high-end premium print-based material, our projects have ranged from internal salon training to educational lookbooks and customer-facing directories showcasing the expertise of the brand.

In a nutshell:

  • Consistent brand development and expansion across a variety of print material.

  • Creation of new sub-brands that underscore and communicate L’Oreal’s authority and skill in the sector, enriching B2B relationships.

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